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Keep Up to Date On Accounts Payable is a bi-monthly fast-read print newsletter and online resource center that helps you do your job more efficiently, by providing quick, relevant and actionable information that helps managers and A/P pros streamline processes and increase efficiency, plus everything you need to be confident and effective.

Be prepared for changes

Check out the latest compliance issues companies are facing, and help make sure you’re prepared for any changes. Find new and effective ways to make sure your company stays compliant with solutions to the challenges you’ll face, before they’re even on your radar.

Improve your skills

Peruse strategies to improve skills, including software, communications, managing people and paperwork. Discover solutions designed to make your everyday workload easier, so you’ll be even better prepared to get the job done right.

Peer insights on tough challenges

Every workplace has its challenges, and sometimes problems don’t come with an easy solution. Get insights from how other people in the A/P industry are dealing with tough problems and incidents. Make sure you’re equipped to keep your department running smoothly.

Coverage on the latest in A/P news

Need to check on that new IRS reg? Want to see when the new forms come out? End of the year coming up? Find coverage on the latest news stories right on your homepage as soon as it happens. PLUS, get actionable information you can use immediately in an easy-to-read format.

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